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Slot Machine Manufacturers The Big Winner in U.S. Casino Expansion

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With every state and county that moves towards legalized casino gambling, more and more slot machines are being needed. That leaves slot machine manufacturers as an industry that is reaping the benefits of casino expansion.

In California, there are four propositions on this Tuesday’s ballot that will determine whether the state allows for 17,000 more slot machines at existing casinos. Governor Schwartzenegger is pushing for Propositions 94, 95, 96, and 97.

If approved, that would mean that the 17,000 machines would have to come from somewhere. Enter International Game Technology.

The company is based out of Nevada. It is only one of many slot machine manufacturers that are seeing big paydays everytime another state expands their casino gambling laws.

While much of Nevada will not be affected by Tuesday’s vote, the machine companies are hoping, as they do in every vote of this kind, that the propositions pass.

While many see the economic advantage of voting for casino gambling, it is companies like IGT that are seeing the benefits of a positive vote. With millions of dollars being paid by casino operators for the rights to the state licenses, there is no denying how lucrative the slot business has become.

BetXTech Launches New Mobile Betting Devices For Casinos

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BetXTech has built their business over the past three years coming up with solutions for no risk sports betting for casinos and bookmakers. Now the company has launched their latest equipment.

The International Casino Exhibition was held last week in London. Among the things that came out of those meetings was BetXTech launching their new mobile sports betting solution.

The company also revealed some of their other new products in London. They have developed a casino slot redemption solution. They also showcased their No-Risk, Self-Service Sports Betting kiosk terminals.

“We believe that the flexibility of mobile betting is a very attractive proposition for any gaming operator and their clients, and the 2008 ICE show was the perfect venue for us to announce the wireless delivery of our sports betting solution,” said Melcom Copeland, a Director at BetXTech.

The company has been primarily focused on servicing London and Ireland with their self-service Sports Betting Kiosk Terminals. The terminals cut out the need for actual employees, and allows easier access for potential gamblers within a casino.