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Lagging Lottery Sales Could Lead To Expanded Gambling In Florida


The lottery is a form of gambling that almost every state finds acceptable. Mostly due to the large amount of revenue dollars that come from the lottery, the gambling aspect is overlooked by politicians.

What is happening this year could lead to some interesting Legislature discussions. Lottery sales are down, and it does not appear they are going to reach expectations.

With the state relying heavily on money from lottery gambling, trouble could be ahead in the battle to balance the budget. This factor could lead to another change politicians have been kicking around. Expanded casino gambling.

If the state is going to lose money it had counted on through the lottery, then it seems only logical that politicians in the state will do what they are prone to do in times of crisis. Forget their morals and work on balancing the budget.

The solution to that problem could lie in casino gambling. When Governor Crist signed a compact with the Seminole Indians, giving them the rights to Vegas style slots, blackjack, and baccarat, several politicians in the state were upset. Their ego says they should have been involved in the decision making process.

The only way to get back at Crist, will be to pass laws allowing expanded casino gambling throughout the state. That would leave Crists’ compact with the Seminoles as void. It would also help solve some of the state’s financial problems.

Quebec Getting New Casino By Summer Of 2009

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Mont-Tremblant, Quebec is already a a resort town. Next year, they will add a casino. Loto-Quebec has announced they will be building the new casino.

The new casino will not be large by casino standards, but will still cost $61 million to build. It will hold twenty gambling tables, five electronic Texas Hold’em games, and 400 slot machines.

Loto-Quebec, which is the lottery agency for the province, and the Quebec government, were set to make the announcement on the new casino last week.

That announcement was delayed when a man was found dead near the Montreal Casino. Problem gambling had been a concern, and when it was found out that the man had been going to the casino on a regular basis, the announcement for the new casino was put on hold.

While the new casino is being built, it does not mean that Quebec is not toning back gambling in the province. 1,030 video-lottery terminals are set to be out of commission in the next few months.

Loto-Quebec is excited about the prospects of the new casino. They claim that the casino will bring revenues of greater that $50 million a year. that money will come from an estimated 700,000 gamblers a year.