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Study Proves Problem Gambling Can Be Treated Effectively

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A non-biased study of problem gamblers who have gone through problem gambling treatment programs shows that with proper treatment compulsive gamblers can be treated effectively the time.

Researchers interviewed 75 participants in a Nevada state-funded treatment programs who agreed to participate in the study. The participants had all completed a treatment program located in Nevada.

Ninety percent of those interviewed said they liked the services they received, with all but one saying they would recommend the program to friends and family members. The gamblers who were interviewed were novoline book of ra reported to have thought about gambling almost   the day prior to treatment. Several participants were on the verge of suicide before they received treatment.

More than eighty percent of those interviewed said they were better able to control their lives after treatment, sixty-seven percent of them said their financial situation had improved greatly since treatment ended, and seventy-three percent said they had re-established important relationships with friends and family. Perhaps as important to the success of the treatment, eighty-four percent of the former problem gamblers interviewed said they were spending less time thinking about gambling.

The research, paid for by state grants authorized in 2005, also found that for a handful of gamblers with other addictions, the gambling treatment also addressed those problems, such as compulsions to eat and to shop.

Voters Reject Table Gaming at Charles Town Racing & Slots

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A deal to bring blackjack, poker, and roulette to Charles Town Racing & Slots in West Virginia was shot down yesterday by area voters 5,625 to 4,450. The casino attracts visitors mostly from Maryland and Virginia, however, its also a popular stop for many travelers passing through.

If the vote had passed, it would have paved the way for Penn National Gaming to move forward with plans to open 75 to 80 tables. The casino generated about $485 million in revenue last year with it’s 5,000 slot machines and the horse track.

In Jefferson County, yesterday’s vote provoked debate on economics, morality, and even traffic congestion.

The new gambling games would have generated an estimated $1.5 million a year for construction in the public school system. Proponents said the deal also would yield millions of dollars more for local government by expanding the property tax base. Additional funds would also go to the state.

But those opposed to …